Are you obsessed with trying to figure out the manic mind of David Lynch? If you win this contest hosted by ThisNext, then the prizes will take you a long way down the road and hopefully help to unravel some of the pieces. A word of warning though, once you set foot on this trail you'll go insane trying, or you'll reach a whole other plane of existence. Or something. The key is just not to blame Cinematical in the process, because you're not supposed to shoot the messenger. Although, if the messenger was just pure evil, I guess that would be okay.

While Inland Empire itself is just now being rolled out in theaters (check here to see where it is near you), Lynch has been confounding minds and expanding horizons ever since Eraserhead back in 1977. You've probably seen Blue Velvet at some point, or heard people talk about Twin Peaks around the water cooler, back before TV shows like Lost filled the current need for enigma in our entertainment. So at the very least, you probably know he's one weird guy. If you want to know here's what you can win:

This week's prize, assembled by the dancing dwarf from Twin Peaks, contains:
  • The first Inland Empire poster ever made available to the public
  • A signed Eraserhead deluxe DVD.
  • A Dumbland deluxe DVD: You've never seen cartoons quite like these.
  • A David Lynch T-shirt.
  • The Short Films of David Lynch: This DVD = weird x 6.
Sound good? Head over to ThisNext and follow these instructions.

How to Enter:
. Go to left on this blog don't count as entries. You must recommend an item someone else can buy)!
2. Recommend things that help you express your creativity.
3. Tag your recommendations "creativity"
4. Multiple entries increase your chances of winning.

That's it. Get cracking and let us know what sort of maddening or enlightening information you're able to glean.