Is that not the greatest title you've ever seen in your entire life? Man, if that doesn't sum up most of my teenage years, I don't know what does -- it's a fact, no matter where you live or how cool the city is, there will forever be nothing to do. Or, at least, you and your clan of friends will see it that way. Apart from describing the way I felt about most of my childhood, Another Bullsh*t Night in Suck City is also a memoir written by Nick Flynn, which was adapted for the big screen by none other than American Pie man himself, Paul Weitz.

Now, almost two years after we first reported on the deal, Weitz's Suck City has found its way to Fox 2000 after originally being set up at Sony Pictures, then thrown into turnaround. Based on the title alone, you probably expect the memoir and the movie to be about a bunch of kids, cruising the streets with nothing better to do than complain about how much their town sucks the big one. You'd think that, right? However, the story follows the relationship between a case worker for the homeless and his brilliant self-destructive father. Oh. Okay. Weitz also plans to direct the pic ... and that's the best part of this whole thing.

See, I'm a big Weitz Brothers fan (save for American Dreamz, but we won't mention that one). Paul Weitz is responsible for writing and directing (along with his brother Chris) the adaptation of one of Nick Hornby's best novels, About a Boy. Heck, they rock it as a team, as well as solo -- do I need to mention the little gem that was In Good Company (written and directed by Paul)? And Chris is currently wrapping up his own epic solo effort, The Golden Compass. Unlike the Farrelly Bros., who made a name for themselves in comedy and refuse to venture off that course, the Weitz Bros. travel all over the map and make certain to mix it up enough so that you feel good about what you just watched while departing the theater. Together or alone, these boys got the goods ... and I dare you to call bullsh*t on that.

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