A couple of hours ago, Roger Ebert released a new statement to ABC7 Chicago on his ongoing treatment for cancer of the salivary gland. In the statement, Ebert says "I had hoped to be back in my seat in the balcony alongside my partner Richard Roeper, but the surgeons tell me they will have to take staged, multi-phased approach to getting me back in shape." Ebert also regretfully announces that he won't be well enough to be on hand to do red carpet interviews at the Oscars, but does think he will be well enough to do his Outguess Ebert feature in the Sun Times. He also confirms that he is currently doing work on a new book, tentatively titled "Your Movie Sucks," which is a thematic follow-up to his book "I Hated, Hated, Hated This Movie." Ebert also confirms that the current arrangement at Ebert &Roeper, with guest hosts filling his chair, will continue for the time being.

The status of the television show has seemingly been in flux, with little new information about its future plans, but Ebert closes his statement by pointing readers to the newly redesigned Ebert & Roeper website, AtTheMoviesTv.com, and expresses his desire to start contributing to it soon. We at Cinematical continue to wish Roger a full and speedy recovery.

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