I've sat here for a few minutes trying to figure out just what I want to say about this film, and the best I can come up with is that I have no idea. It's one of those films that could be terribly offensive and crappy, but has a million and two assurances that it is more than just women, sex and danger. But the best thing to do is start at the beginning. Free of brother Joel, Ethan Coen and his wife, Tricia Cooke, are writing the script for Drive-Away Dykes, which Holly Hunter and Selma Blair are set to star in.

The plot: Jamie (Blair) and Marion are lesbians and friends, but not lovers, who decide to drive to Florida. However, when they get a flat, they discover a severed head and plaster casts of penises in the trunk -- I guess someone is a fan of Cynthia P. Caster. The owners of the car and head are looking for their lost cerebellum and find their way to the women. Then, "the girls triumph over their evil - and repressed - antagonists, and prove that love is the ultimate road trip." Okay. Oh, and also, there will be "plenty of hot lesbian sex ..." For those now sliding this into the late night Skinemax fare, you might want to reconsider. Beyond the Coen contribution is director Allison Anders. Recently she's directed episodes for a number of television shows such as The L Word, but she's also the director of The Missing Ingredient from Quentin Tarantino's Four Rooms, as well as Gas, Food Lodging and Mi Vida Loca. Since I'm at a loss, what say you?
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