There's no lasting money in the beauty of plastic bags.American Beauty was Wes Bentley's lone gem among a handful of low-buzz releases. However, as an expert of the creepy stare, it's no surprise that he's diving into the darker films like the upcoming P2.

Under the eye of first-time director Franck Khalfoun, the creators of High Tension (Alexandre Aja and Gregory Levasseur) are turning their attention to the creep factor of parking garages.The main premise: a successful business woman (Rachel Nichols) spurns the advances of a security guard (Bentley).Not happy with her refusal, Bentley beats her unconscious and holds her captive.Nichols must not only escape his eerie stare, but also the scary parking garage.

The locale makes sense.I've been in the Toronto parking garage they filmed in, and it is quite creepy.Eerie stillness, the buzz of fluorescent lights, and strange, echoing noises are all mainstays of horror/suspense.That being said, I wonder if they can keep the tension in a relatively small and empty place.There is only so much running and hiding one girl can do. Or, will it really matter? Nichols obviously had to strip down to her camisol to grab an axe and hide amongst the pillars of P2, so it the plot goes slow, moviegoers will still have her sweaty, heaving bosom. Yes, the picture at the right is from the released still, which you can see in its full glory at Jo Blo's Arrow in the Head.

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