As much as we make fun of the eighties -- from styles to movies that were all about the tacky -- a large crop of today's superstars have come out of it. Tom Hanks had his first big, recognizable role in Bosom Buddies, cross dressing way before it was in style. And, of course, Johnny Depp went from bloody death in Nightmare on Elm Street to playing an undercover cop on 21 Jump Street. First, it seemed like he'd be the star for the disenchanted teen with his roles in Edward Scissorhands and Benny and Joon, until he started picking up a mixture of adult fair and mainstream family fun. Hot off his time as a swashbuckling pirate, Depp is now looking into the spy network.

Last year, while Depp was busy with his arm slashing deathly mimics for Sweeney Todd, he was also following the story of Alexander Litvinenko, a Russian ex-KGB agent who was poisoned with polonium in November. His production company, Infinitum Nihil, has nabbed the rights to a book about the famous former agent -- a book that is yet to be written. Sasha's Story: The Life and Death of a Russian Spy is being penned by Alan Cowell, head of the New York Times' London bureau, and should be out later this year. Obviously, Depp is also interested in playing Litvinenko. Let's just hope that he doesn't plan to play in polonium to get into character!
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