I can vaguely remember fraternity step routines from my LSU dorm days. Mostly what I remember is that one group used to rehearse in the Horseshoe, the small field outside our dorms, at some unbelievably early hour of the morning. At first my roomie and I thought we were hearing military marches, but then learned about the highly rehearsed, rigidly choreographed chants and moves that make up a step show. Although I heard a lot of step numbers while half-asleep, until I saw Stomp the Yard this week, I've never had a good long look at step teams in performance.

Stomp the Yard is a much better movie than its trailers would indicate, and better than many of its predecessors in the teen-dance genre. In fact, this movie reminded me less of dance films like Step Up and more of sports films. Odd as it may sound, the storyline most recalled Bring it On, but instead of high-school cheerleader girls, the characters are stepping fraternity brothers.