Whenever I get a film festival guide (whether or not I'm actually attending that particular festival) I immediately flip right to the back, because that's generally where the Midnight Madness / Danger After Dark / Horror Movies are listed ... which definitely explains how I almost missed seeing End of the Line when it played at last September's Toronto Film Festival. Luckily I was really bored on the plane ride up north, which gave me the opportunity to notice that, hey, here's a nasty-looking horror movie wedged into the Canada First lineup! Cool!

But then there were scheduling problems, one missed screening and a small bout with the flu ... but I was able to catch Maurice Deveraux'sEnd of the Line in the Festival's "video bank" section, which is where you can catch up on movies you missed -- if you don't mind watching 'em with headphones on a 21-inch screen. But it was a horror movie, and so I grabbed a soda and hit the video bank. And despite a pretty slow start, I really kinda dug End of the Line. (You can tell I did because this brand-new trailer says "Four Stars - Intense! -- Scott Weinberg" in it, and they couldn't use that quote if I hadn't actually written those words. (OK, word.)

Anyway, End of the Line is a pretty enjoyable horror tale that depicts the Armageddon-ish events that inevitably occur when a worldwide cult decides that TONIGHT is when all the "non-believers" will perish. Like with knifes and axes and stuff. The flick takes place mostly inside of a creepy subway tunnel, but there's more than enough carnage afoot to keep even the oldest gorehounds happy. Not saying it's a brilliant piece of horror, but I still stand by "Intense!" -- cuz it kinda is. Sorry to say I have no news on a domestic release date just yet, but of course I'll let you know when such information becomes available. I was just psyched about the trailer.

(Oh yeah, Ginger Snaps! The best Canadian horror movie since Ginger Snaps.)