Wow, this story just keeps getting crazier. Regular readers will no doubt remember last week when posted a colorful little story about a movie called Zyzzyx Road and how it grossed all of $30 during its (ultra-measly) theatrical run. That story led to thesethreefollow-ups, a sketchy report from Variety, another response from CHUD and finally, some good news for the guy who bankrolled Zyzzyx Road: Thanks to the controversy, the flick might earn itself some domestic distribution!

And NOW comes a challenge from another filmmaker, one who actually made a movie called Zzyzx (which a pal of mine reviewed seven months ago). Seems that Zyzzyx Road producer Leo Grillo called the other Zzyzx movie a "cheapo" flick, and one filmmaker is none to happy about it. "Ever since broke their virally-generated, infamous story about Zyzzyx Rd. grossing a measly $30 at the box office, we were inundated with calls and emails about our film from many distributors and industry people, confusing our film, Zzyzx, with theirs," says Richard Halpern, producer/director of Zzyzx. "Now, the 'actor/producer' of the other Zzyzx movie, if you want to call him an actor after watching his performance in the trailer, is ripping our film, which has truly irked me. I have heard rumors about the watch-ability of the other Zzyzx movie and they ain't pretty."

So now what? Mr. Halpern would like to have a little competition. "I am offering a duel to the other Zzyzx movie. Let's put it out there, on Google Video, for the world to see and then decide, whose film is better. Winner gets to keep the movie title, with the losing film's title being decided by the viewers!" Richard adds, "Heck, our film premiered first as an Ipod downloadable video, selling over 1,000 downloads, so, we are already $2,970 ahead of the other film!"

This story is getting just too weird for words.

[All information offered above springs from a press release I recently received from Mr. Halpern.]
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