To be honest, in all the rush of the holidays I never got around to watching Night At The Museum, granted I'm not a huge Ben Stiller fan, but I got the occasional chuckle out of the trailer. Well, in the end it looks like I didn't really miss out on anything unforgettable. I never really thought Stiller would be a good fit for family films; I always thought his comedy worked best when it could get a little more "adult". If you've seen the SNL digital short by Adam McKay about a one night stand with Glen Frey then you know what I mean.

Production Weekly announced that Stiller and writing partner Justin Theroux are set to begin production on their comedy Tropic Thunder. The story would follow a film crew besieged by problems, including being mistaken for commandos in a local war on location, all while trying to make a big budget epic war movie. So I can only assume the plot is Stiller's nod to his humble beginnings in Steven Spielberg's Empire of The Sun. Stiller is set to direct the film with principal photography scheduled to begin this July. Hopefully the laughs will be kept PG-13 at the very least.
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