This spring will mark the 13th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death. Considering all of the sticky stigma surrounding his relationship with Courtney Love and his subsequent death, it seems eerily fitting that news of an official Cobain biopic is rising as the unlucky 13th year arrives. There are websites dedicated towards the possibility that Kurt was murdered, and Courtney has often been likened to Yoko Ono. Whatever the truth might be, Nirvana fans are fiercely loyal and protective of the frontman, and are sure to have much to say about the upcoming biopic buzz.

Yesterday, reported that Courtney Love has nabbed the film rights to Charles Cross' Heavier Than Heaven, a popular and oft-considered definitive biography of Kurt Cobain. Apparently there is news on her fansite, MoonWashedRose about the film being in the embryonic stage, but all I've found are notes on her diaries and Billy Corgan smooches. It'll be interesting to see if the flick gets off the ground, since Love has had anything but a smooth and productive life, but then again, Mel Gibson helped get her clean, so maybe she really is back on the road to Hollywood. And if this movie gets off the ground, who on earth will play them? Will Michael Pitt take an official stab at the grunge legend? Who would play Courtney? Amber Benson?
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