Two of the more entertaining indie horrors that I've seen floating around festivals over the past year were Adam Green'sHatchet and Jacob Foreman'sAll the Boys Love Mandy Lane. (OK, Mandy was actually directed by Jonathan Levine, whereas Foreman wrote the screenplay, but I was stuck in the "possessive credit" mode and I had to think fast.) So when I got a chance to shoot the breeze with Mr. Green (hoo boy is there an interview on the way!) and he told me that he had a sequel and a romantic comedy on the way, I knew his adaptation of Dead West was going to have to wait!

But no! Thanks to the power of horror geekdom, it looks like Green has handed over the writing duties to Mr. Foreman, which means the flick won't have to wait another seven years to get rolling. (Maybe only three.) According to, the Rick Spears & Rob G. graphic novel will be directed by Green and written by Foreman ... and wait till you hear what it's about: Native American zombies! Green explains it most colorfully:

"Just imagine one of the Leone spaghetti westerns... if the Indians came back from the dead and could still fight as viscously and intelligently as they could have in life. Forget what you've seen the undead do - no lumbering about, moaning, eating brains, tired sh!t - these are hardcore PISSED off Indians that just so happen to be decomposed and horrific looking. This is going to be brutal."

Also on deck from Mr. Green is Spiral, a dramatic thriller that stars Joel Moore, Amber Tamblyn and Zachary Levi and has just begun hitting the festival circuit.
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