Take a big splash of Rear Window, a tiny pinch of Fright Night and ... a guy stuck in his home thanks to a house arrest anklet ... and you've got Disturbia, an impending thriller that MIGHT have been half-decent if the brand-new trailer didn't give away all the good stuff.

Shia LaBeouf stars as a young man sentenced to three months of house arrest, so he does what any normal guy would do. No, not movies or books or Xbox ... he starts spying on the whole neighborhood! And since one of the guy's neighbors is played by David Morse, you just know there's going to be a big dose of no-goodness goin' down in suburbia.

The liberally borrowed plot structure and spoiler-happy trailer aside, I can still admit a small sense of anticipation for this movie. I've always been a big David Morse fan, plus Carrie-Anne Moss is also part of the equation. Moreover, the director is D.J. Caruso, whose last three movies were Two for the Money, Taking Lives and The Salton Sea -- two of which I enjoyed quite a bit. (The goofily-titled Disturbia opens on April 13.)
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