It seems like we're all anticipatingSpiderman 3, and the Spidey marketing team is doing a heck of a job to keep our anxiety as high as possible. Bit by agonizing little bit, pieces of the film are shared, which while nice brief spoilers, they are sure to be nothing compared to the big-screen adventure that awaits us. Some of you loyal readers were able to catch a glimpse of Venom when I directed you to a leaked video that was up on YouTube for a few days. If you missed it, it was just a quick glimpse, nothing to really give you a full look. However now, the cat is completely out of the bag.

At least, the action figure version is. While I bet that Topher Grace's Venom will probably be a little shinier and maybe a little less buff, the soon-to-be-released Venom toy images are out and give us a detailed look at the spear-fanged outer-space evil symbiote. For all the efforts that Team Spiderman have gone through to keep Venom's visage a secret, Medicom Toy Corporation, responsible for the toy, has taken it upon themselves to end our curiosity. Empire Magazine has pretty detailed images of the action figure, so there's no quick shots or graininess here. While I'm sure this won't hurt the overall affect of the film, I bet there are some Spiderman Powers That Be who are ruing the push for action figures.
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