Does the c-word bother you? It bothers the people who are in opposition of the BBC's plans for its new documentary, tentatively titled I Love the C Word. The documentary will take an investigative look at how the c-word has transitioned from never uttered to freely expressed. When I personally hear the word, I have no passionate response. I'm indifferent. I never use it and when I hear it I don't cringe. Maybe that's why I'm shocked by how dramatic This is London is when describing the documentary as being "devoted to the most offensive word in the English language." I can think of a few words that are much more offensive.

So, what exactly will the documentary entail? Well, interviews with interesting public figures such as known feminist Germaine Greer and the author of The Vagina Monologues, Eve Ensler, as well as a critical look at how the word went from unacceptable to accepted .. well, partially accepted. The number one complaint from critics of the documentary claim that the word will be 'sensationalized.' No one has yet seen the documentary, so how they can make this assessment I'm not entirely sure. Head of North One John Quinn insists that the program will be seriously in its entirety and will be 'a grown up discussion' on the word's transformation.

This will be an interesting film for the etymologists of the world and just for people who find the origins of 'profanity' and our responses fascinating. Be forewarned, this film will show with un-bleeeped language, so if you have a near-death experience whenever it is spoken, then you might want to sit this one out.
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