Last time we talked about Hannibal Rising, it was when a German teaser trailer hit the interwebs and informed us that our favorite cannibal has somehow always had a thing for creepy bite-masks, but now with the arrival of this more traditional theatrical trailer, we seem to have a better grasp on what the prequel's all about. (And by "traditional" I mean "it gives away all the good stuff.") Basically, take the most obvious prequel concept you can imagine (he's younger ... and he still kills people!) and just go from there.

Y'know ... I've been pretty down on this project from the word go, but I'd be lying if I said the trailer did absolutely nothing for me. Even if the flick's just a well-shot period-piece slasher-type confection, I bet I could have a pretty good time with Hannibal Rising. (Maybe.) Written by Thomas Harris (adapted from the novel by, yes, Thomas Harris) and directed by the man who last brought you Girl with a Pearl Earring, HR seems to promise (at the very least) a juicily slimy lead performance by Frenchman Gaspard Ulliel as, yes, Hannibal Lecter. Well, the young version of Hannibal Lecter who stalks, slices and snacks on the evil bastids what killed his family in the war, anyway. And since it's an absolute certainty that this hero villain will survive the slaughters, I guess Hannibal Rising WILL exist as just a well-shot-period-piece slasher flick. We shall see. ...

Plus the supporting cast is suitably colorful: We got Dominic West, Rhys Ifans, Gong Li and Kevin McKidd, so that helps a little. The flick opens (wide, get it?) on February 9, and if you're worried about the content, gorehounds, you needn't bother: Hannibal Rising is rated R for "strong grisly violent content and some language/sexual references."

(Feedback request: What did you think of the new trailer? I want to hear from the long-time Lecterites and the series newbies as well.)