It's been a pretty complicated road to production for Baz Luhrmann's epic film Australia. Hurdles included delayed shooting dates, rumors of a nervous studio, and a ballooning budget. Then there was the casting switcheroo that took place when Russell Crowe was replaced by fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman as the lead in the period romance opposite Nicole Kidman. The story follows an English Lady who comes to Australia to confront her adulterous husband only to stumble onto a little adultery herself when she falls in love with her hired driver (Jackman). Casting hasn't been completed yet, but rumors are now flying as to who is going to fill the role of Kidman's philandering husband. has word that Australian actor Bryan Brown might be the final piece to Luhrmann's period love triangle. They report that Brown *has been seen in Bowen, Australia, one of the film's possible shooting locations and the home of the Nicole Kidman Cup at Bowen's Ben Bolt Park -- who knew the lady had her very own horse race? Most of the cast would also be in attendance at the event, so word naturally spread that Brown was on hand to sign. Luhrmann has said in the past that the final actor would be someone well known, but that hardly seems like proof positive that it will be Brown, since plenty of actors have been suggested. Like everything else with this secretive project, we'll all just have to wait and see.

*Correction: Brown is expected to attend the event in Bowen.
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