Last time we talked about 24: The Movie, Kim was wondering when they'd actually have the time to start production on the thing -- and this was last June! But now with 24's sixth season only a few short hours away, the press has been all giddy for Jack Bauer. In a recent interview with, Mr. Bauer (well, Kiefer Sutherland, actually) makes three things perfectly clear:

1. This new season is gonna be, like, awesome.

2. There WILL be a 24 movie, trust him.

3. Production on the film will begin during the next series hiatus -- OR the one after that, which means we shouldn't expect the thing to hit theaters until at least mid-2008. (Good thing we have the TV series to keep up satiated.)

I don't mind the wait, frankly, if it means that we get a weekly installment of 24 that's up to par with previous seasons. Sure, sure the show gets a little silly sometimes (and you really can sense the writers "running in place" from time to time), but for my money 24 is still the most exciting show on TV right now. (Deal or No Deal is a close second; those prize girls make my knees weak.) If the writers and producers need to clear their collective plate before focusing on the 24 movie, that's just fine by me. It's not like we have any shortage of action flicks these days.

And hell, how long has it taken for The Simpsons Movie to become a reality? Patience is a virtue, movie fans, especially when you're dealing with something of quality.

Plus, Sutherland is so gracious and sincerely grateful to all the show's fans, I find it kinda hard to get all petulant and scream "Gimme the damn movie already, Kief!!" As long as the series keeps nailing me to my couch once a week, I can be exceedingly patient where the movie's concerned.
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