As both a passionate fan of the old-school horror movies AND a ravenous devourer of all the new horror movies, I'm of two minds where Remake Mania is concerned. Mainly I think churning out a bunch of remakes is a cheap and obvious way to make a few extra bucks without putting in a little extra work ... and most of the flicks I'm presently thinking of really bear this theory out. But every once in a while one of these remakes turns out to be a surprisingly creative and admirably respectful homage to a horror classic ... even if it doesn't happen too often.

For every half-decent re-do like Dawn of the Dead, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or The Hills Have Eyes, I'm asked to struggle through a virtually endless deluge of worthless non-horror flicks that exist SOLELY because, well, people recognize the name. (You don't think Dimension remade Black Christmas because they thought they could somehow improve upon the original, do you? Hell no, they made it because "Black Christmas" is a good title -- and one that sparks a few memory synapses in even the most casual horror geek.)

So what new remake announcement was it that spurred my latest ranting rave? Well jeez, it sure looks like someone's aiming to remake Motel Hell now. (Right now you're thinking one of two things: Either a) Wow, why remake that wacko little flick? or b) There's actually a movie called Motel Hell?") Yep, there is. It's a surprisingly amusing 1980 horror flick about a cannibalistic family that kidnaps motorists and plants them in a garden for later consumption. Both tongue-in-cheek and slathered with gore, Motel Hell might not be a cult classic among the hardcore horror set, but I think it's got a fairly solid reputation -- among those who've actually seen it.

Anyway, yeah: According to Fango, MGM has a Motel Hell remake on their schedule for December 7, despite the fact that they don't seem to have a script, a director or a cast just yet. I'm still trying to figure out why they're even bothering.
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