The teens were dying for something to sink their teeth into this weekend -- sick and tired of all the kids films and award contenders -- and so they rushed out to see Stomp the Yard, subsequently refusing Night at the Museum a fourth straight number one finish. You Got Served 2 (or, should I say, Stomp the Yard) took home a hefty $22 million, while Museum settled for second and $17.1 million. This is the third straight year (Glory Road in 2006 and Coach Carter in 2005) in which a black-themed film has opened number one on Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.

The Pursuit of Happyness ($9.1 million) remained in the hunt, finishing third, and the expansion of Dreamgirls ($8.1 million) to 1,907 theaters helped secure it fourth place. Freedom Writers and its $7.1 million rounded out the top five. It's my belief that marketing hurt the openings of both Alpha Dog ($6.1 million) andPrimeval ($6 million). The former couldn't quite find a way to reach out to younger folks with its R rating, and the older crowd appeared to be interested in a little more substance with their drug-fueled entertainment. The latter, well, did not screen for critics -- which meant audiences had to go by those horrific TV spots that were in no way memorable enough to secure a load of ticket sales.

And, while France seems to be scarfing down Arthur and the Invisibles ($4.3 million), it's expansion to 2, 247 theaters still couldn't convince parents to skip another Night at the Museum.

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