UPDATE: The Globes are apparently time-delayed on the West Coast (or at least Seattle) and are not showing until 8PM PST.So if you're West Coast and don't want to have the thrill of the surprise ruined for you, don't read our liveblog coverage until later.

We're sure you've been anxiously waiting all weekend, as we have, for the Golden Globes tonight. I suppose it's more exciting if you're one of the nominees, or even a presenter, because then you get to spend all day dolling yourself up, getting massaged and manicured and pedicured, squeezing into that swanky dress -- and belatedly regretting all those sugary, fat-laden coffee drinks. In years past, of course, presenters could also look forward to being gifted with posh goody bags, but those days are long gone, thanks to the IRS doing a little friendly "outreach."

Anyhow, the Globes are on tonight, at 5PM PST/8PM EST, and we here at Cinematical will be here with you, live-blogging the good, the bad and the ugly moments. Erik Davis will be in a lovely sequined Vera Wang gown, and I'll be in my designer jammies and fuzzy socks. Incoming Cinematical EIC Ryan Stewart will be there as well in his black tie duds and fancy cuff-links.

Come back later and check it out. It'll be more fun than a ... well, maybe not fun exactly, but we'll try to make it at least entertaining.

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