Patrick Dempsey just made a slick move, taking over the interviewing duties with Katherine Heigel. Will Ryan check her out as she walks away? Why, of course! Dempsey gives Seacrest his mic back, and then Ryan promptly eavesdrops with the mic on Dempsey chatting up Kiefer Sutherland.

Now Seacrest scores William H Macy and Felicity Huffman, who are super-cute, especially when Macy waxes eloquent on this wife's acting talents. And --wow! -- Uh, Mark Wahlberg cleans up nicely these days.He almost looks debonair. Wahlberg spouts off some pre-rehearsed, oft-repeated stuff about working with Scorsese ("When Scorsese calls, you say when and where.") Get some new material, Marky-Mark.

Cate Blanchett is up with Seacrest, looking spectacular, and when Ryan says, "You're here with E!" she quips "Aren't we lucky to be here?" in a just-barely-sarcastic tone. Jen's comment? "She is so cool."

What have we here? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie! They look gorgeous but tense and Angelina looks like she wants desperately to escape Seacrest. How big is the family gonna be? Brad says they'll make their own country, build a soccer team with their kids and then dominate the World Cup. And now here's Drew Barrymore, complete with bra as aforesaid. Drew spills that she and Hugh Grant are here presenting to promote their new film. What? Celebs don't do stuff with no ulterior motive? Shocking.

Mmm. Reese Witherspoon has an unfortunate "I'm in the midst of a nasty divorce" haircut (Jen votes it "cute!") but we don't have to look long because Beyonce has arrived with her boobage in tow, and she is working her center-cut gown for all its worth.

Lordy, now Seacrest has a hold of Kate Winslet, who should win but won't. Seacrest tries to impress with, "Lots of us are here tonight, me, Brad and Angelina ... anyone you want to see?" I love how he slips himself in with the Mega A-List Couple.