Jeremy Irons introduces the clip for The Queen as if he were reciting Shakespeare ... either that, or he's auditioning to play the villain in Live Free or Die Hard just a tad too late. Ha, and the Prince thing finally makes sense -- he got stuck in traffic! What a horrible entrance for Prince -- and he's in an ugly brown suit -- I mean, could it get any worse? Better than being in the bathroom ... or getting stuck with a seat next to Donald Trump and his trophy wife.

Anyway, best score goes to Alexandre Desplat and The Painted Veil ... and the audience just sits there ... in silence. Drew Barrymore couldn't even pronounce his name (best line of the night so far goes to Hugh Grant for snatching the card away, while saying "Yeah, it's in French." Laughter ... with a hint of pity. Everyone in the audience looks around -- did we see The Painted Veil? How was the score? Hey, at least Drew is wearing a bra this year.

That's right, Drew is wearing a bra. Do any of you remember last year? What an improvement .. or is it. But seriously, did anyone even see The Painted Vail? And, if you did, how was the score?

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