And kudos to Sacha Baron Cohen for using the words 'anus' and 'testicle' in the opening to his acceptance speech. It doesn't get better than that, folks. Wait, but let's back up -- Reese Witherspoon slides out in a gold dress and, especially in those wide shots, looks like a walking, talking Oscar statue. In presenting best actor in a comedy or musical, one thing was on our minds -- why on earth did Ryan Philippe leave her?

Big smiles and huge applause follows Witherspoon's announcement that Sacha Baron Cohen had won for Borat. C'mon, this is what everyone wanted -- the guy deserves it -- and, you know what, he churned out the funniest speech yet. 300 pound fat guys, fart jokes ... and he thanked every American that hadn't sued him yet while the music came up and washed him away.

Following the commercial break, Dane Cook introduces the clip for Thank You for Smoking in 6.8 seconds ... because the powers that be probably attached a bomb to his pants -- a bomb that would explode should his shtick go beyond the dreaded 10 second mark. Jennifer Lopez runs up to the mic (Hey, remember her?), shovels out the nominees for best motion picture, musical or comedy -- which goes to ... Dreamgirls! For real! For those of you not keeping count at home, this is the third win for Dreamgirls (best supporting actor and actress) and ... I'm just bummed Borat didn't win.

Do you think Dreamgirls deserved this win?

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