Sienna Miller looks very... golden. She's got a whole golden ensemble going on. She's giving away some television award. Helen Mirren vs. Helen Mirren ... who will win?! If she wins in the television and movie categories, that's got to be some kind of rarity. a dark-haired Cameron Diaz is about to honor The Departed. Looks like a weird wedding dress she's wearing. Swank and Donnie Darko are about to give out best feature screenplay ... The Queen? It was an 'allright' screenplay ... nothing special.

Is Vanessa Williams wearing a fright wig? She's doing horrible banter with Tim Allen More TV stuff. Holy crap ... they just showed a Back to the Future commercial. Did I actually just see that? It's Doc Brown peddling Direct TV right after he sent Marty back to the future. Let's hope that's on Youtube tomorrow.

Jamie Foxx just made some comment about how Dreamgirls is only in 800 theaters ... now it's time for best foreign language film. It will be interesting to see if Pan's Labyrinth gets it over the Clint Eastwood film ... both were well regarded ... nope ... Letters from Iwo Jima takes Best Foreign Pic. Here comes Leatherface ... isn't Paul Haggis going to come up and make a big, teary speech? Guess not.

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