Only one is just a tiny bit cuter, right? You decide which one. Watts came out to present the first of those mini-clips things that properly introduce the nominees for Best Motion Picture. After stumbling over her words quite a bit (who doesn't know how to pronouce Alejandro González Iñárritu's name?), clips from Babel swept across the screen. Watts looks good in a little sky blue number ... but then we lose her, only to watch Watts #2, er, Renee Zellweger, take the stage.

It's at this point that technical difficulties began pissing Erik off (mainly, his computer sucks), and so he gets his sh*t together in time to spot Zellweger introducing the Hollywood Foreign Press -- golf clap Brad, golf clap. Zellweger looks kind of like Watts, only with a little hair thing going on, and that classic look of constipation ... Renee, go to the bathroom honey. Please. You're killing us here.

Oh, and Happy Feet wins for Best Song for "The Song of the Heart," by Prince Rogers Nelson, aka Prince, aka He Who Was Formerly the Artist Formerly Known as Prince . No penguins showed up. Did we not tell you that. Mic check. Hello. Why does my computer hate me?

(Side note: Poor Justin Timberlake looked like a kid who just had his lunch money stolen right before he told us that Prince wasn't here to accept his award. )

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