Ryan Seacrest is still going strong. Eva Longoria is up -- and ... YES! -- Seacrest fakes a turn-on over Longoria's derierre. Next up is Jessica Biel, over whom he also fauns in a most smarmy manner, asking her lots about her fascinating workout routine.

Hmm... that J Lo shot from earlier must have been from last year, or else she changed into something much nicer. But no one cares about her albums and movie with her hubby? Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy just arrived! And there's more celeb cleavage to focus on, who cares what she's doing with J Lo's career when we can focus on the boobies, right?

A break! We cut to Guliana with Dane Cook, who quickly gets relgated to a tiny box to make way for more boobies on the big screen. Kyra Sedgwick is here, in yet another fancy toga-party gown. Is that a fashion "thing" this year I somehow missed out on? And did Seacrest really just say that Hollywood is just one big, happy family?

We cut away pretty quickly back to Station Seacrest, where Ryan is practically drooling over Leo DiCaprio, nominated for both Blood Diamond and The Departed. Ryan wants to know what Leo will do if he "ties" himself tonight. And, awwwww ... Leo's date is his mom.