So Ben Stiller introduces the clip of Borat and makes what will probably go down as the worst joke of the entire night -- even Sacha Baron Cohen was, like, "Um, and that made sense how?" -- when he referenced holding poop in a bag and Rocky Balboa in the same sentence. (Yes, that was Sacha Baron Cohen folks, in case you did not recognize him without his Borat uniform. Kind of hunky for a guy that looks like a bird, huh?)

Finally, another film award -- this one is for Best Supporting Actor -- and all I want is for the camera not to move away from Rachel Weisz. Holy cow! Red. Everywhere. We're looking at Affleck, Murphy, Nicholson, Pitt and Wahlberg. The winner ... Eddie Freaking Murphy! Take that Beverly Hills Cop 3 haters! Of course, Murphy won for his performance in Dreamgirls -- a somewhat controversial pick going in, the man has pissed off a good amount of folks in Hollywood ... with the exception of the Hollywood Foreign Press, apparently.

He remains cool in his speech. Thanks folks. Just remembers everyone's name. I love this choice. What do you folks think?

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