Was Sienna Miller always this gorgeous? Her dress is white and kind of looks like she's headed to a fancy toga party, and her hair is in a lovely braided updo. Nice effect over all, and -- EWWW! -- Seacrest just SPIT on her accidentally. Very suave -- is that how you pick up all the ladies, Ryan?

Now we're getting a series of deeply pentrating ... BOOBIE SHOTS. I'm not making that up -- some guy (or girl, you never know) is all over getting the cleavage press moments.

Abigail Breslin looks very cute. Her dress was designed by the Little Miss Sunshine costume designer. Now she's showing us her purse, which resembles the Evil Cube from Hellraiser. Fortunately, Pinhead opts out of a surprise guest appearance.

Paul Dano, her co-star, is with her, and he's going for kind of a Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I'm-smart-and-brainy-but-also-sensitive look. Paul, Reese Witherspoon is available and she's looking hot tonight.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: The Globes are hilarious because it blends film and television so I get to gawk at all the stars. And the food and drink, everyone gets loose and parties. Ryan asks her some convoluted and inane question and she looks at him like, "Are you on drugs or just an idiot?" but manages to come up with a reasonably intelligent answer.

And we have MORE cleavage, straight down Gillian Anderson's shirt. Thanks, didn't need to see that.

Now Seacrest has Penelope Cruz. She looks stunning in a gorgeous black gown. She's crediting her director, Pedro Almodovar, with getting her into acting when she was 15. Seacrest is shocked -- shocked! -- that she's been in 35 movies. No unfortunate wardrobe mishaps for Penelope. Good for her. If Ryan doesn't stop saying "Volveeerrrrrr" in that stupid accent, she might impale his forehead with her stiletto heel.