Warren Beatty tribute ... this should be interesting. Bonnie and Clyde clips ... awesome. Come on, Tom Hanks ... pipe down ... let's just watch the clips. Dick Tracy ... glad they didn't forget that one. I hope Beatty actually has something interesting to say ... I'm counting on it, after this lackluster evening as ... is he about to say he's not doing any more movies? Sounds like he's leading up to that. He's rambling a bit. This isn't a speech, it's just banter. Oh, so he is making another movie. That's interesting.

This must be an Ishtar-themed evening ... now Dustin Hoffman is up. Ha. Ishtar joke. Now he's presenting the clips for Little Miss Movie I Never Saw. Time for Spielberg to say something. He's announcing Best Director. Looks like Marty is the guy. I wonder if he will have anything interesting to say at all. He seems a little hopped up.....he's going to talk about classic films, not his own stuff, I guess.

Okay, now he's talking about The Departed -- he's just thanking everyone he knows. He's giving a nod to Infernal Affairs; that's nice, I guess. "Third picture with Leo, I hope many more." Well, that was quick. Now he's off and Reese Witherspoon is off. She needs to get a better haircut.

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