Why are the Golden Globes delayed on the West Coast? They don't delay the Oscars, but I guess they figure people will only watch the Globes if they stick it in Prime Time where it can compete with Jack Bauer and 24. Bad call, IMO -- I know what I'll be watching come 8PM, and I'll give you a hint: It doesn't involve black ties or sequins.

The only thing more time-wasting than live-blogging the Golden Globes is having to hear the winners blind from your East Coast colleagues over IM while watching the lame E! coverage of the pre-red carpet festivities. Fortunately, my good friend and movie-loving colleague Jen Yamato from Rotten Tomatoes has graciously agreed to commiserate with me as we watch, and post our pithy observations.

So here we are, me in Seattle, bracing for yet another snowfall, Jen in El Cerrito (down south near San Fran). I have my coffee and Kahlua, and Jen informs me she's a few drinks shy of slipping into an evening gown, just for fun. We're both irritated that an event happening live on OUR coast is only being shown live on the OTHER coast, but hey, we're not bitter. We're gonna kcik back and watch this E! coverage and -- whoa! -- did Greg Grunburg from Heroes just say he's going "commando" under his tux? Jen swears he did. It's gonna be one of those kinda nights.

In other excitement, some chick was just explaining to us how this latest injectable wrinkle-remover that's hot in Hollywood doesn't make you look unnatural at all! Nope, you'll look just like yourself, only with no lines that nature gave you to remember your smiles and sorrow. Awesome. Only in Hollywood is the elimination of natural beauty considered "natural-looking."