Yours truly is, and always will be, an unabashed Ghostbusters fanatic. Movies, cartoons, action figures, insanely difficult video games from the 1980s -- it doesn't matter. If it has the Ghostbusters stamp on it, I'll buy it and thoroughly love it. One of my proudest possessions as a youth was the Ectomobile (Ecto-1) toy. Rumors of a new Ghostbusters film swirled in and out of popularity for a long time, before Harold Ramis finally revealed that Bill Murray has decided never to fork over his share of the rights -- meaning no film will happen. But for diehard fans, there is something new on the horizon -- some fairly sophisticated video has popped up on YouTube lately (nicely collected over at AICN) showing what would appear to be presentation-ready clips from a new Ghostbusters video game.

So what are we looking at with these? Some have suggested it is likely to be nothing more than a clever, fan-made mod -- Gears of Ghostbusters -- but as the AICN guys point out, there is a lot of material there for a fan hoax. Whatever it is, it is certainly awesome looking, and it fans the flames of love in my heart for the fantastic Ghostbusters franchise. I certainly hope something new happens with this property. Do you suppose this video is what it appears to be, or is it just fan fun?
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