Ever since Joel Schumacher'sThe Lost Boys became a fairly big hit back in 1987, fans have clamored for a sequel. For years we heard vague rumors about a potential follow-up called The Lost Girls (a script for which was allegedly penned by none other than Joss Whedon), but obviously it never came to pass -- which seems kind of weird considering that The Lost Boys grossed over $32 million domestically before turning into one of the most widely watched cable flicks of all time. (Then again it's always tough to do a sequel to an ensemble piece, particularly when half your original cast went on to become, well, instant has-beens.)

But now, according to exclusive word from IESB.net, it looks like we'll finally be getting that Lost Boys sequel -- only it looks to be arriving in direct-to-video form. All we seem to know so far is that a) production will begin in San Diego very soon and b) the plot has something to do with Surfer Vampires. Yep, vamps on boards. Throw some bank robberies in and we could call it Point Break 2: The Lost Vampire Surfer Gang.

More details as they become available, although if you think Jason Patric or Kiefer Sutherland are coming back for a DTV sequel, well, you're nuts. The interest/availability of Corey Haim, Corey Feldman and Jami Gertz might be an entirely different story.
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