Sometime around Columbus Day we talked about potential Stargate SG-1 movies as a swansong for the long-running television series. Then last month, my buddy Chris Ullrich gave you a great update courtesy of Beau Bridges, who confirmed talks of the films, but indicated nothing was official yet. Well, here we are in mid-January, and we now have official confirmation. Fans, you may officially start your (likely to be bittersweet, due to the impending end of the series) rejoicing now -- two movies are indeed coming your way.

Today, MGM officially announced the production plans for two Stargate SG-1 movies titled Stargate: Arc of Truth and Stargate: Continuum. As we suspected back in October, the first film will close the big storyline from the final two seasons, while the second will have an independent plot with new time travel adventures. Expect both to be TV and DVD marketed, with no major big screen releases. With continued rumors of yet another Stargate series, the success of these movies will likely play a major role in the studio's internal debate about the potential for future Stargate properties.

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