So, I'm watching some of the NFL Playoffs this weekend (which, mind you, included some of the most fantastic games the post-season has given us in quite some time), when myself and a friend of mine began debating the best football-related flicks of all time. Football has always been popular on the big screen, with at least one or two films arriving each year that use the sport as their backdrop.

Usually, our football flicks come in one of three different forms: First up we have the laffer (ie: The Longest Yard), which usually consists of a group of horrible players who bumble, fumble and, with help from their brand new coach, somehow find themselves on the opposite side of losing. Throw in a montage or two (and a guy named Harold "Sticky Fingers" Lewis), and you have comedic gold. Next up is the straight-up drama (ie: Any Given Sunday), packed full of serious football playing with serious players and a serious director out to show us the real side of the game. Finally, we have the tear-jerker (ie: We Are Marshall) ... because there's nothing like watching football that makes you cry. These films usually revolve around players (or a player) who are either trying to overcome a disability or the remnants of a horrific accident.

Personally, I've always had a weak spot for The Longest Yard (the original), Friday Night Lights and, most of all, Rudy. My friend really loves Any Given Sunday, though that film never quite found a spot in my most memorable bin.

So, I ask you: What is your favorite football flick of all time?