One day, two people meet. They fall in love and delight in the perks of romance. With Cupid's large arrow implanted deeply in their sides, the woman gets pregnant and the duo gets engaged. Emotions rise as pregnancy wreaks havoc on the soon-to-be-mom's hormones. What do the couple, who happen to be Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard, do? They sign on to star in a short film together -- one about a dysfunctional, unhappy couple. Perhaps this wasn't the best move for the still-fresh pair. Actors and actresses succomb to the powers of the on-screen romance with sexy co-stars all the time, so it isn't a jump to assume that the opposite is also true.

High Falls, which will be screened at Sundance, delves into the workings of a married couple who divulge secrets to their shared best friend, and not each other. The friend then, not surprisingly, watches the couple fail to connect. Gyllenhaal and Sarsgaard spent four days mired in this false relationship, while she was pregnant and he was "playing a big jerk." Perhaps this wouldn't matter if your partner and co-star was someone like Freddie Prinze Jr. or another equally goofy, well-natured actor, but Sarsgaard is known for his dark edge. The man can make hair raise and muscles tighten with a mere look. In the future, Ms. Gyllenhaal hopes to "make sure that the making of the movie will be good for us, because I'm not sure that the making of High Falls was..." No surprise there, Sherrybaby.