Within the next six months, Netflix subscribers will be getting an increase in the number of movies they can watch per month. No, their at-a-time disc plan isn't changing. The DVD rental company is offering an added service to its members: streaming video. Netflix's "Watch Now" service allows subscribers to watch movies via a special player on the Netflix site. Unfortunately to start, Netflix will only be able to offer a tiny fraction of their 70,000+ titles, but considering it is an added bonus to subscribers, I don't think anyone will complain.

HackingNetflix has a review of the "Watch Now" service, with visual aids, and it seems like a pretty decent concept. With the plan, Netflix doesn't take away from the experience of renting physical DVDs, nor does it exactly compete with the movie download services (though it may seem like a better alternative to them). It may not be the greatest thing ever to happen to home viewing, but it is a better incentive than Blockbuster's in-store rental bonus (especially since Blockbuster stores have disappeared completely in my neck of Brooklyn).
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