Some people, when faced with a dangerous animal might, I don't know ... hide, run away or avoid the local, dangerous animal haunts. And then there are people like Troy Hurtubise. After surviving a risky interlude with a Canadian grizzly, the Thunder Bay-dwelling Canadian had become obsessed with bears. Instead of backing away after his traumatic experience, the man decided to build a grizzly-proof suit to face them again. Clearly, the man is crazy!

Although his work brought him a documentary, Peter Lynch's Project Grizzly; it also brought him bankruptcy. Since we're talking about a man who wasn't daunted by a large set of fangs, a lack of money is no problem. Finding another $15,000, Hurtubise has now turned to military garb with his new "Trojan" design. He's taken fanboy to the next level by grabbing ideas from RoboCop, Star Wars, Batman and video games. The head-to-toe suit is made from high-impact plastic and ceramic bullet protection over ballistic foam. Although, unfortunately, there are no nipples on the suit, Hurtubise wants to sell it to the Armed Forces. Call me crazy, but I think the man is about to lose some more money, and I doubt another documentary is on the way this time.

[via The Documentary Blog]
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