The following Cinematical educational message was brought to you by People Against Spending $385 to See a Keri Russell Film.

If you're having a hard time getting tickets to some of the films playing this year's Sundance Film Festival, then might I suggest heading over to eBay where folks are -- gasp -- scalping them for absurd amounts of money. Want two tickets to the premiere of Black Snake Moan and a film guide? No problem, just fork over $345 ... or you can wait until February 23 and see the film for ten bucks at your local cinema. And if you have a problem with this atrocity, feel free to blame the certain residents of Utah, as they're the ones attempting to turn a profit.

See, each year a select amount of Sundance tickets are given out to local folks prior to them going on sale to the general public. But if Don Dimwit from Ogden isn't too keen on traveling to a screening of Waitress, then he's ignoring Sundance's ticket rules (which state that tickets cannot be resold online) and heading to the land of eBay -- cleverly dancing around the rules by offering the tickets for free, along with a very expensive "film guide." Oh, and festival organizers are pissed. So, in retaliation, they're warning all those who buy tickets on eBay that they can remotely deactivate those tickets, leaving you with nothing but a film guide and an empty bank account. Don Dimwit, however, will be treating his entire family to a dinner at Denny's ... on your dime.