Ah, Trainwreck Reid. Um, I mean Tara Reid. The girl had a decent start. Her portrayal of hardcore rocker Cybil was one of the better performances in the terrible Blake Nelson adaptation, Girl. And, while she didn't mean to, her stiff rendition of an orgasm in American Pie provided laughs, even if not the type that was intended. However, no matter what she does these days, she's seen as the crazy party girl who not only got one hell of a botched boob job, but also can't keep her breasts in her dress.

Now with the help of Hi Happy Films, her strangely-named production company, Reid is not only executive producing but also starring in the upcoming romantic comedy, Honestly. The script comes from the man responsible for Wesley Snipes' Unstoppable flop of an action film -- Tom Vaughn. So far, not so good ... but it gets better! The movie is about a hard-boiled detective, Monica Hennessey (Reid), who seduces husbands to test their fidelity. Of course, in the vein of films like Failure to Launch, the detective falls for her prey, shocked by his niceness. Her brother, Tommy Reid, is set to helm the feature, and she'll be joined by co-stars Vinnie Jones, Juggernaut from X3, and former football man Eddie George.

Is there any chance this can be even remotely worthwhile?
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