Perhaps one of the most memorable scenes from Lost in Translation dealt with Bill Murray's character taking part in a Japanese commercial. It seemed like a surreal other-world that existed more in Sofia Coppola's imagination than in any sort of reality, but it happens ... a lot. While you might think that high-profile stars are too busy and successful to partake in the commercial biz, they're heading over to East Asia for some extra cash. Luckily, with the global reach of YouTube, we don't have to hop on a plane for hours on end to see the no-longer-hidden secret world of Hollywood's extravagent Japanese commercials -- as much as they try to keep it hidden with contracts, nothing can stop the power of the Internet!

Cameron Diaz joined the legions last fall with a cell phone ad that has her maniacally moving her lips while strutting down the street like a busy office exec. If that whets your appetite for the commercial morsels, there are many more that you can delight in. With much more hair than her stint in V for Vendetta, Natalie Portman swooshes her long locks and partakes in a little sword fighting for Lux shampoo -- twice. Better yet, you can watch her insinuate that her Sunday Mt. Rainier coffee wards off her usual depression. That's not all. Celebrities are even going to Europe for saucy ads, as with Gwyneth Paltrow's long, leggy and partially-topless ad for Martini and Rossi in 2004 -- one that almost takes on the world of Indecent Proposal, but opts instead for tip trashy. For more Japanders including the likes of Kiefer Sutherland and Richard Gere, there's

Why is Hollywood all secret about its international advertisement forays? The cat's out of the bag, so it's high time we get these commercials state-side.
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