Since there seems to be no shortage of video game adaptations, it's kind of a surprise that Hitman has been wallowing in development with no end in sight. It's a pretty good game that makes you feel more than a little guilty at taking pride in your ability to shoot a Russian General in the head at 100 yards. Originally, Vin Diesel was attached to star, but then dropped out (or was canned). Internet chatter then had Die Hard baddie Timothy Olyphant stepping into the suit for the story of a hitman for a shadowy organization filled with exotic locales and a mounting body count. Well, it looks like we all might have spoken a bit too soon.

While talking up his latest film, Catch and Release (starring Jennifer Garner and, yes, Kevin Smith) the actor finally set the record straight. Olyphant dispelled any rumors that he had signed on to star in Hitman, and said that while he's engaged in some talks about the job, "I don't think I've ever been officially attached to it contrary to the internet. It sounds fun. It sounds pretty cool. I've seen the pictures. I've never played the game but it looks cool. Lord knows what I'd look like when this hair comes off. It's a major concern." Forget the hair, I'm thinking it might be more of a concern that he's willing to star in a film that was originally a Vin Diesel vehicle.

[via Dark Horizons]
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