Fone home! Ben Stiller has finally been stopped. Or better yet, stomped. More on that later. Here's what our box office oracle Patricia predicted would top the movie charts this past weekend:

1. A Night at the Museum
2. Stomp the Yard
3. The Pursuit of Happyness
4. Children of Men
5. Dreamgirls

And the actual top five (drum roll, please):

1.Stomp the Yard - $22 million
2.A Night at the Museum - $17.1 million
3. The Pursuit of Happyness- $9.1 million
4. Dreamgirls - $9.7 million
5. Freedom Writers - $8.8 million

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Stomp the Yard
After three weeks of owning the box office, Stiller and his friends 'at the Museum' got served by the latest urban dance film to creep outta nowhere and claim top billing. 'Stomp the Yard' hauled in an impressive $22 million over the weekend, besting the opening grosses of previous sleepers like 'Step Up' ($20.6 million) and 'You Got Served' ($16.1 million) and looks like the first hit of 2007. (Is it just me or has the time never been riper for the long-awaited final chapter to the 'Breakin'' trilogy?) 'Museum' still performed admirably, taking in $17.1 million (and raising its total to $185.8 M) as did other holiday holdovers 'Pursuit of Happyness' ($9.1 M) and 'Dreamgirls' ($8.1 M). Another urban drama, 'Freedom Writers' made an impressive stand to remain in the top five with $7.1 million. But just imagine how well it'd do if Hilary Swank busted a few moves in it, too.

Of those of you who posted, a few predicted 'Stomp the Yard' would take first, but no one guessed all five slots correctly. That's because most of you imagined the crime thriller 'Alpha Dog' would make a more impressive showing than its seventh place, $6.1 million finish. As good as he is at impromptu award-accepting, looks like Justin Timberlake doesn't have the box office clout just yet. Something tells us that won't affect the success one of his next films to hit theaters, 'Shrek the Third.' Check out the current tallies below:

Name - This Week/Overall

    1. Patricia - 6 points/128 points

    2. zsxxx03 - 4/125

    3. chrisnbn - 13/122

    4. Mario/crzydcguy84 - 5/104

    5. Bubba8193 - 3/ 88

    6. Tangoeco - 4/73

    7. Liesse00 - 11/73

    8. Isaac/laraeruiz - 0/66

    9. bostons leppard - 6/54

    10. Evilone1414 - 0/19

    11. MrPKI - 6/6

    12. Lazy Bum - 9/9

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