When making movies like the Highlander, filmmakers are faced with immortality's pesky limitations. There is only so long we can suspend disbelief as an actor plays an immortal character and ages. Christopher Lambert spent a whopping 14 years as the immortal ass-kicker Connor MacLeod. Luckily, the powers behind the story brought on a new MacLeod rather than recasting Lambert in 2000's Highlander: Endgame, even if it wasn't met with the best reviews. Bad reviews be damned, Adrian Paul's Duncan MacLeod, the star of the 90's television series (and of the new Highlander: The Source)has got a following.

JAM! Showbiz has reported that there is a trailer on The Source's official website ... and indeed, there is. However, it's not some super-polished, or even semi-polished trailer created to cook up curiosity. Instead, in all of its embedded YouTube glory, it just looks like the beginning of the film, pirated and posted by some fan. I can only assume that the creator's can't be bothered to come up with a flashy version themselves, or at least one that shows more than what seems to be the opening scene equipped with French text. It shows up as even more shoddy surrounded by flashy buzz words like "tremendous," "maverick" and "milestone." Lionsgate -- if you really feel this way, please give fans a real trailer that describes the film and is shown in hi-res, or adequate-res glory! Otherwise, I'm just going to ignore it and sing along with Freddie Mercury.

Note: The actual YouTube link has the trailer a bit larger.