Regular readers of Cinematical already know that several changes are underway at our little organization. After a year under the leadership of James Rocchi, we have a new editor-in-chief, who happens to be me. We are also ready to launch a new Cinematical off-shoot, CineIndie, which will be devoted exclusively to covering the most interesting and important happenings in the world of independent film. (See CineIndie editor Kim Voynar's detailed post on that new development)

There's also a third thing, which I want to talk about right now. Starting today, the Cinematical team is going to be sharing its living space with the movie bloggers from our sister site at AOL Moviefone. In case you're not familiar with Moviefone's Hold the Fone blogging team, let me start by introducing them right now -- Angie Argabrite, Kevin Polowy, Tommy DiChiara and Patricia Chui. Other writers from the Moviefone sphere may join them here and there, but for now, that's the fantastic four you should get to know very well.

So what are these Moviefone guys going to be blogging about, and how often? You can get a very good idea of that by taking a look at what they are currently doing on their own site. For the immediate future, the Moviefone team members are going to continue doing their weekly features, which include Box Office Predictions, Roundup and Insert Caption, while also bringing to Cinematical's front page something you guys have been demanding since day one -- exclusives! What kind of exclusives? It could be trailers, posters, pictures, video clips, interviews or first-run information ... it all depends on how the wind blows in a given day. The bottom line is that this little merger will mean more of everything for you the reader -- more content, more talent, more special features, and more eyes on the world of movies around the clock.