MoviefoneWell hellooo, Cleveland ... I mean, Cinematical! This is Angie Argabrite, senior editor at, and I just wanted to second Ryan's enthusiasm for our new mutual venture, this merging of our previous blog (which we called Hold the 'Fone) with Cine. You can get a better idea of what we did -- trailer, poster and image premieres, insert-captioning of (usually absurd) movie stills, our weekly box office predictions, etc. -- by going to the Hold the 'Fone category. We're happy to be here and hope you'll like what we do.

Let us know what you think and how we can make your blog surfing more enjoyable. You don't know us yet, but we're good people. And we're looking forward to getting to know the Cinematical audience and introducing you to ours. We can't promise you'll love us or our readers, but we CAN promise we'll give you something to talk about. Or post about. And isn't that what being a member of a blogging community is all about?

Right off the bat, we've got a guest blogger for movie awards fashion -- it's 'Project Runway' winner Jeffrey Sebelia. Expect to see his take on red carpet glam and awards season glitz, starting ... right away, actually. His first blog will be up very soon. I want to quote Bette Davis here -- "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night" -- but that doesn't seem entirely appropriate, does it? We're hoping this will be a smooth transition. How about this? With the merger of Cinematical and Hold the 'Fone, we're turning movie blogging up to 11. We're going all the way to 11. Enjoy it.