Here's some big breaking news, if Iron Man casting is "big" news to you, which it kind of is around here -- especially Iron Man casting news that involves Oscar-winning sweetheart Gwyneth Paltrow! Paltrow has signed to play Iron Man's love interest, Pepper Potts. Hmmm, I'm not exactly sure what I think of that decision. Then again, I seem to be one of the only movie nuts in the universe who really enjoyed Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, a sci-fi retro-adventure flick that featured a playfully amusing performance by Ms. Paltrow -- so I guess I'd be foolish to complain about this casting choice.

For some reason this upcoming Iron Man adaptation has captured my attention like no other superhero flick ... since the first Spider-Man flick showed up, that is. When director Jon Favreau (Made, Elf) was signed (even after his underrated Zathura fared so unspectacularly at the box office) I was intrigued. When two of the Children of Men screenwriters were hired, I was enthused. And when they grabbed Robert Downey Jr. (of all people) to play the iron-clad billionaire Tony Stark I was pretty darn psyched. (I'm of the opinion that Downey is a fantastic choice for this role, although I can plainly understand why other Iron Man fans might disagree)

For those who might be less than thoroughly versed in Iron Man lore, I'll tell you that Pepper Potts was once the moon-eyed secretary of billionaire playboy industrialist superhero Tony Stark, and if you think she's just some one-note love interest, I recommend you think again. (As if anything's as simple as "boy meets girl" in the Marvel Universe!) Now, I ask the hardcore Marvelheads the obvious question: Gwyneth Paltrow? Is she right for this role? Frankly I think the gal's a doll, and I think it'll be fun to see her and Robert Downey (and Terrence Howard) dancing their way through a big-time superhero adventure.

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