Yes, it's big, explosive rumor day here on Cinematical -- we've already told you about some McConaughey P.I. coolness, and now Cinema Blend is reporting (via some anonymous inside source) that Rachel Weisz is replacing Angelina Jolie as the "Dame to Kill For" in Sin City 2. Granted, Jolie was never officially attached to the role, but based on what we've heard from cast members and the like, she was very interested in hopping onboard the highly-anticipated sequel to Robert Rodriguez's Sin City -- which, of course, was based off Frank Miller's graphic novels.

For those not aware, Sin City 2 will follow the storylines of A Dame to Kill For with Weisz (or Jolie) playing, well, the kind of dame a man would kill for. But here's my question: Is Weisz a better fit than Jolie for a role like this? Hardcore fans of the graphic novels could probably answer that best -- the way I see it, Jolie was perfect for the part. However, Weisz -- um -- she's cute and all, but I wouldn't kill for her ... that's for sure. It's important to stress that this is just a rumor right now -- production isn't set to begin until 2008 (supposedly) -- and so please don't write off the entire film based on what you've read here. Heck, perhaps you'd rather see Weisz take over since Jolie is just too damn Hollywood-ized right now -- gossip, gossip, Brad Pitt, gossip, gossip -- it's kind of hard to take her seriously anymore. Hey, but you be the judge.

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