Erik Davis already let us know in September that John Krasinski was writing and directing the adaptation of David Foster Wallace's collection of short stories -- Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. Obviously this is a bit of a jump for The Office star, who is known for being the attractive and likable office co-worker, not the man responsible for bringing desperation drama to the big screen. However, as much as he's moulding this assortment of stories about hideousness, he's still got a little cutie added into the mix -- more specifically, frontman Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie.

For those squeeing with glee over the news, I'm not sure how prominent he will be in the feature, but his name is among the top 10 listed. However, since it is a book of character sketches that I have not read, I'm not sure who his character, Harry, is. Are there any Foster Wallace fans out there who would care to elaborate? For those wondering who the hell Gibbard is, I send you to Wikipedia and Amazon to read up and listen. While this is his first acting role, his band's music has been featured in the likes of Wicker Park, Wedding Crashers and Six Feet Under.

Gibbard is actually one of a number of cute people signed on for the hideous roles. Here's a short roll call for the curious: Sex and the City semen taster Bobby Cannavale, Krasinski's Office co-star and daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton -- Rashida Jones, SNL alum and Abe Lincoln's clone Will Forte, Threesome'sJosh Charles, Kinsey actress Julianne Nicholson and The Anniversary Party's lovely Denis O'Hare -- just to name a few! Their characters must be extremely hideous because their visages are anything but!
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