You might have heard of Amy Redford. She has a fairly famous Sundance Kid for a father, and she has spent a number of years acting in both theater and cinematic productions. Now, news is out that the younger Redford is gearing up for her directorial debut -- a completely unsurprising and inevitable move. In 2002, while performing for CanStage, Redford talked with about fighting the desire to follow in her father's footsteps, which is exactly what she's doing. Although her cinematic roles haven't brought her the same acclaim, she's following them up with an interesting indie directorial stint. The force is strong in this one. Before we know it, she'll have a famous film festival in some surprising locale.

If her directorial debut is any indication, it'll be a refreshing diversion from her father's tastes. The film in question is The Guitar, which has just entered production in New York. The script comes from punk filmmaker Amos Poe, who is seen by some as the father of America's indie cinema. Having worked with the likes of Debbie Harry and Lydia Lunch, its no surprise that the film revolves around a spunky woman with head-bangingly bad luck who yearns to follow musical aspirations. When she is diagnosed with terminal cancer, fired from a crappy job and dumped by her boyfriend, the woman uses her last two months to grab all the money available to her and fulfill her two dreams -- romance and playing the electric guitar. Boney actress Saffron Burrows is a logical pick to head the feature, and she's got Casino Royale'sIsaach De Bankolé and indie punk actress Paz de la Huerta to back her up. The next branch on Hollywood's familytree has broken through.
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